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Wedding Photography in Aberdeenshire

Photographs and weddings go hand in hand and once your big day has come and gone the images taken on your wedding day serve as a long lasting record of one of the most important events of your life. We, aberdeen wedding photographers, make sure the photos are great!

Along with the many other things that need to be planned and organised for your wedding day, the task of finding and hiring a good wedding photographer is something which needs to be done carefully and considerately.

Wedding photographs can be taken in many different styles, photographers themselves will have their own ideas of the type of shots they specialise in and these styles and shots may vary greatly between different photographers.

Traditionally the wedding images taken on your big day would consist of different combinations of the bridal party, family and friends, taken at various times throughout your wedding day. These shots would normally start either at the bride’s house as she prepared herself to set off for the service, or at the venue of the service itself where the photographer would begin taking photographs of the bridegroom and best man.

Whilst these shots still make up the main content of many albums their style has become less popular and is now seen as perhaps over formal and stilted. Contemporary wedding images are now taken in a combination of fun, and reportage (sometimes candid) style whilst still making sure to include the main bridal party but shot in a less formal style.

You can now often be seen going to elaborate lengths to set up a shot which will appear to be a candidly taken photograph in the finished image. Ultimately it is for the bride and bridegroom to decide which style they prefer and chatting to a preofessional and seeing examples of previous work will make this task an easier one.

Wedding venues also play an important role in dictating how the final images of your big day will look. Ceremonies and receptions can now be held in a variety of places. The city of Aberdeen has many churches which carry out wedding ceremonies as well as a mosque and an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue. For those who prefer a civil ceremony, there are also a number of registrar’s offices, notably the Town House which carries out ceremonies on a Friday and Saturday.

A hotel wedding is another possibility. The advantages of this type of venue include the choice of either civil, religious or non-religious ceremony and the ease of having your wedding service and reception at the same place. Couples often choose to stop off at, or make a special trip to a picturesque location specifically to have pictures taken. Possibilities for this in Aberdeen include the beautiful David Welch Winter Gardens and other city parks. Permission and a small fee for this are required but it can be well worth the effort. Regardless of the venue you choose, the picturesque qualities of the location chosen will play a large role in the look of your finished images so it is well worth taking this into consideration when selecting your venue.

One of the key things to think about while booking locations is the band or DJ you want to play. This site has some great wedding bands for Aberdeen You can even check the bands out and chat to them on twitter.

The packages offered come in a range of styles and prices. Depending on your plans our photographer will be on hand as needed/planned. When deciding on the package you choose it is worth considering which parts of your day you would like covered, who you’d like to be in the photographs and how long this will take your photographer to achieve. It is a subjective choice, and tastes vary greatly.

The important thing is to select an expert who matches your expectations and put your trust in his experience, skill and expertise.

The main sections to the day are:
Bridal preparation
Pre-wedding photography
The wedding ceremony
The bridge and groom portraits
The wedding reception